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Welcome to the soundtrack to happiness!

Make a donation. Download the album. Feed the world and Share the Love!

That's right! For every donation of $1.99 we receive in support of our music, we will offer a download of our entire album, i love AND make a $1.00 donation to a local* food bank. Act now and help us take this campaign global. Make a donation, the Share the Love with your friends to Share the Love with those in need.

As soon as we released i love, people kept telling us how our music just made them happy. We were thrilled to hear it over and over again. Then we started thinking, "If our music makes people happy, wouldn't it be great to get it out there and make even more people happy!" Then we thought, "Why stop there? We could make people happy and feed people too!" Now that's food for the soul!

Let's be happy to be humans who care about other humans. Go ahead, hum one of our happy tunes in the process. It's on us :) 

* Every effort will be made to donate to a food bank nearest to your location, when possible.

i love - album MP3
  • i love - album MP3

i love - album MP3

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Digital Version in MP3 files.

Remember to let us know what area you are from in the transaction notes. It is our intention to make a local food bank donation where possible. If no local Food Bank is found, we will remit to the nearest major city's food bank.

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If you wish to make a donation greater than $1.99, just click on the yellow Donate button below. We will share a portion of the donations we receive to do good in the world.