#7 - Treat everyone nicely, even those who are rude to you. 

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”Dalai Lama XIV 

It is easy to be nice to someone who is nice. And we know we should be nice to everyone. But not everyone is nice and then that just makes a mess of everything we can be feeling and what comes next. 

This is a lesson I heard a long time ago. I almost wrote “learned” but that would not be entirely true because sometimes I find it hard to be kind to people who are not. I know I should. I know I must try. I know I should not judge but my emotions or my ego or will have a mind of their own. Although I could not always control my reactions, I learned a valuable skill that helps me travel the road to being a better person. When I am in a reaction, I notice and I stop. I put my reaction on pause. Then I start a process that has helped me a lot. I start down the emotional road to discover what is there. Where does the reaction come from? What is behind it? Why did I react that way? It feels like I have climbed out of my self, to observe and analyze myself. I have found that this process ,of learning to be more self aware, has taught me to be more patient and tolerant with those around me. Obviously, I am not the only one to have a story behind my reactions. Everyone can use a little kindness. I can succeed at being kind even to people who are rude. Sometimes I have had to deal with people who are ruthless. With them, it takes a different perspective and requires digging deeper. I am still working on that. If you weren’t able to succeed this time, try a little tenderness next time.  

Kindness is a quality I admire in a person; in any person. I know it lives in me and, like love, sharing it makes me richer and my world a better place. 



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