Expectations, hopes and fulfilment

“If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.”  ― Henry David Thoreau 

I ended my last blog with “Your blissful inspiration is out there. Send it an invitation then allow it in.”  What I did not realize was that I was already on a journey. On that journey, I was showed a gilded door.  While it was it was partly open, I got a glimpse of what was inside. Wow! I thought. I want to go there! But before I knew it, someone came along and closed it. Yup! Closed it shut and said “Although you would be amazing in there, it’s not going to happen.” So what’s up with that? 

It has been part of my journey, of course, to ponder this. So what happens to us when we are disappointed? What does it mean? My trusty go-to, the dictionary, says about the word disappoint (verb): to fail to meet the expectations or hopes of; let down; to prevent the fulfilment of (a plan); frustrate. Well I can say, I was plenty frustrated. The higher consciousness me was trying to understand the why and the learning opportunity, but my ego was just very very frustrated and upset. The next day, I learned that my cousin, a cousin I loved a lot and was really close to, died. She was sick. She knew she was dying. She left us. I was ready to be quiet.  

In my life, I have had many disappointments. Like you. What makes us go on? Where is your hope nestled?For me, it is getting back to what I believe in; in the truth that there is a purpose and a reason to everything. I write today because writing helps me clear my mind; makes me feel better. It is a way back to myself. I was running in a rat race and was getting away from who I am. Compensation did come in the quiet of my true self.  

Now, I’m attempting to leave my expectations behind. I have thought about what is important in my life and will make it a daily practice to enjoy what makes my life worth living. Feel free to join me for the next 30 blogs. I will try to evolve on a theme while a cook, paint, write a song maybe... All challenges are just food for thought and creativity to an artist like me. Let's go!



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