#11 - Get rid of one thing a day for 30 days. 

“A Sunrise is God's way of saying, "Let's start again.” ― Todd Stocker 

Getting rid of one thing a day! I can’t think of 30 things to get rid of. Are we talking things things here? or … 

The clutter that can accumulate in our lives is considerable. When I was younger and renting, I used to move yearly or less. I remember counting that I had moved 10 times in 8 years. So you can imagine that accumulating was not really in my nature back then. But funny enough, once you settle in, it gets easier to just put things here for now, to want one more of this or new of that without getting rid of anything. That is why professional organizers are in business. A friend of mine has a rule at her house: if something comes in, something goes out. Example, if her kids bring in a toy, they have to let go of existing item. When I learned of this rule, I remember feeling some discomfort; a slight panic even. Yeah, I had to face the truth that my stuff was comforting me as much as my carbs in the kitchen. Even if I wasn’t the kind of girl who was always shopping, I was very attached to the things I did have. Was it because I had spent so many years working hard for every penny? Was I compensating for my years of loneliness when I left home? Was I building a wall of security around me or what? Questions. All optional paths to venture out on as I start again each day.  

I sit here thinking about what to get rid of first, painfully aware of the discomfort that comes with it. Halloween candy doesn’t count either. Looks like I will have to journal this one as I go and let you know how I make out at the end of the month. 



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